Monday, December 7, 2009

The Days are LONG but the YEARS are Short - Part II

Fourteen years ago on Thanksgiving Day he was supposed to make his appearance into this world. Just like then, he still moves at his own pace...much calmer than me. (And I am pretty calm!)
Fourteen years? Really? I still remember THE birth! My first C-section because this sweet son decided to flip 3 weeks before his birth! With two previous babies over 10 lbs there was no hope of him flipping back. And to this day he has proven to be as athletic now as he was in the womb! Of course I do remember playing volleyball on my due date! WHAT was I thinking! Have you seen a VERY pregnant woman play volleyball? I am quite sure I was entertaining to say the least! PTL he came 3 days later! It took all that time for me to recover!

His younger siblings look JUST like him! This could be Brady!

He still has that contagious GRIN! He LOVED football! Matter of fact he loved any sport! We had two daughters and being the 3rd child we were slow to buy him toys. When you see your son turn a barbie leg into a gun you just might be time to get the boy a toy! He was NOT content to watch cartoons! He would cry until you would put on sports. I would look right at Barry, "you prayed for this didn't you?" (I was quick to tell Barry I didn't want to watch football, but how do you tell your 18 month old?)

There you go, this was 'when' this teenage son was eager to help his dad! Digging out the septic that constantly messed up at our home in Texas. Poor child didn't really understand what he was digging near. Of course to little boys if you let them get dirty they really DON'T care! What boy isn't content with his dad, a little dirt, and the world to discover!

There is a side to this son that will definitely be a blessing to a wife one day. (Because he sure is to this mom!) I remember at 3 he was convinced he HAD to take care of me. I was not allowed to plug in the vacuum cleaner as that was touching an outlet which is a no-no, can cause DEATH. He would totally lose it if I got near one and announce he needed to do it for me, he was 3! (Sweet and at the same time it drove me nuts, I NEEDED to vacuum!) Here he is around 5 taking care of his little sister! Nothing sweeter for a mom to see!


5 weeks apart and best of friends!

You will often see them still striking this same pose!

Always ready to help with the younger siblings the Lord has put into his life! Gentle with the girls and very playful with the boys! A good thing considering he has 5 younger siblings!

Here are more cousins to enjoy! It is an honor to be part of his life. I feel so blessed to have been given the chance to raise this young man. He has a temperament that is calm, cool, collected! I hope as the years go by and as the world brings chaos and many distractions that he will continue to keep his focus on the Lord and remain as peaceful then as he is today!

The analytical thinker of the family.

This picture is what I see in my mind when I think of him. Always smiling and enjoying life. He is a picture to me of what I should exhibit each day, JOY and PEACE!

Treasure your moments because there will be a day they FLY by! It has been a marvelous 14 years and I am eager to see what the next 14 years will bring!

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  1. Our Son #1 just turned 14. Boy it goes fast. And he's so much fun! Love this post!