Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Another Regular Day of Chaos

I need about another 24 hours in my day to have any hope of finishing what I have started this morning! I spent most the night up in pain and with my right wrist out, again! About every 4 or 5 days I have something quit on me. Oh the joys of learning how to cope with new things that cross our paths!

Remember the son I just posted about? He was sweet to get up this morning and care for the kids so mom could sleep another 2 hours! I love a serving heart!

Not long after being up I have already caused my children grief! Keep in mind, they like to blame mom but truly it is their own grief! Just sayin'!

I have the CLEAN bug in my veins today! (If they had kept up with their mess I would not have to be involved! It is a simple concept and yet they can't seem to comprehend or solve this issue!) This is the clean bug where you want to dig in deep and see whats behind there. Of course, once you get me going I find it very hard to stop! Hence...frustrating my children from task to task, job to job, room to room! And I keep letting them know we are still gonna accomplish some school. Yep, not happy!

After waking up to a series of events this morning it might not have been the best idea to have started a deep cleaning, purging might have been best to just hang on for the ride when you ...

*wake up to a wrist that doesn't work
*find all teenagers still asleep and little ones running around
*find cups, plates and food left out in the living room after a late night movie
*every cabinet door in the kitchen is open
*find the garland over the front door fell and broke several ornaments
*see the toddler has yanked off 4 tree ornaments and is determined to do more
*heard two boys (that know better) are on top of the kitchen table
*find the wash was left in the washing machine and has soured
*find the front door open and now it is 30 below in the house
*find mud all over the downstairs room from boys in and out of the house
*walk through house to discover 20 cups, none of them should have left the kitchen!
*pass a mirror and realize I still have not showered
*have an eager teenager ready to get her license and remember we have a tail light out
*walk into the boys room....enough said!

Of course as I dig into the boys room and find an amazing amount of stuff and hear them announce they didn't do that, someone else walked in and put it there. SO, I just calmly confess, "it was me, I did it". (Often when you aren't looking I walk down here and stuff things here and there....NOT) Why am I still sitting in their room while everyone else has gone up to eat lunch? I am afraid to walk out! What else will I find! I am calm at the moment but there isn't a lot of calm left in me.

*pause* Marvelous! Guess what I just heard? QUICK, I need a towel! (Another cup left in the floor with hot chocolate!) Guess who found it? The toddler! (I can feel a family meeting FAST approaching! Need to discuss THE RULES!)

How do I get it all done? Well, you have just discovered the answer, it doesn't get all done. One fiasco solved only to have a new one blow up. It is the day in and day out of raising 8 marvelous children!

As I sit and finish my post the boys are picking on one another, typical! They are still folding the clean laundry and wearing their dirty clothes for the 3rd day in a row. Can I just ask if they have worn the same thing 3 days in a row WHY is their laundry basket full? Welcome to my chaos! How's yours?

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  1. Sounds way too familiar. Painfully familiar. Ugh.
    May the Lord bless the work of your hands, today! I'm trying not to think about what is behind anything at my house! :-)
    And cups of hot chocolate? Grrrrr. They walk out of the kitchen on their own - don't you know?