Sunday, December 6, 2009

Two Little Boys And A Dad

What did we do today on this wonderful Sunday morning? It wasn't church! We have a van that is over heating, a frustrated dad with one more thing to fix, and 2 VERY excited little boys! Nothing more fun than to watch little boys eager to help their dad! I was so thankful that Barry ran in and said you need to come see your little guys!

Glad I remembered the camera to capture a moment in time. This moment reminds me of about 10 years ago with another 2 little guys that used to do the same thing. The two other boys have grown and are more into cell phones, facebook, ultimate frisbee, and hanging with friends. But for now, these two little guys are content hanging with their dad!

I love a dad that allows them to be part of the problem solving. They felt they were as big as dad and were confident they could find the problem. They may not have solved the specific issue of the leak, but they did bring a moment of joy in a stressful situation. How can you resent the car being broken when you are making memories like this?

Looking high and low, touching stuff, pointing the flashlight
on all the interesting hoses, screws, and bolts!

A holler here and there...."I think I see the problem, DAD!"

I look down to see what he is looking at...anything and everything!
He is amazed at the bottom of the van!

See him pointing?
"MOM, you see this water?
Don't drink it! Don't lick it! Don't touch it!
It will KILL you!
If you lay down in it, it will ruin your clothes! It is anti-freeze and it isn't good!"
"OKAY....I won't drink it!
And I promise not to lick it!!!!"
(Only boys would think of something like that!)

I am thankful I have some men ready to tackle the problem. They are eager to help keep me safe when I might have licked the ground! I am so thankful for another round of memories of little boys enjoying their dad! And I am very blessed to have married a man that allows them be part of his life!

Whether we are in the kitchen, folding laundry, organizing a closet, fixing the garage,getting stuff out of an attic, or fixing a broken van...we should let the WONDER of little ones experience life WITH us!

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