Saturday, December 5, 2009

Me, Myself, and I

I am slightly ticked with our car situation! I am out tonight thinking it is going to be a fantastic evening. Half the kids are gone to various things, the little ones are busy and almost ready for bed, the toddler was out with me for awhile and got most of his energy out, the man of the house was content watching some football, so why not accomplish a little Christmas shopping! I earned my time out. When you complete 6 boy hair cuts, 1 girl and a dad, carpooled kids to various locations and completed a little laundry...yep, I am going out! Mom, alone? YES! A few hours to myself? YES! No rush to the next event or time frame? YES!

As I am driving to drop the toddler off back at the house so I can do 'MY' thing I see a light flashing. I looked down and thought surely it is nothing. It says, 'CHECK YOUR GAGES'. No, please, No! I get my moment and this is what happens?

Of course, being the woman I am, I call the man and ask if this light really means something. Apparently since it says to check gages and one of the gages is going in the RED, it is serious! My wonderful evening of relaxation, shopping, time alone, no children, no agenda, no need to make dinner, no cleaning, no sorting just me, myself, and I was coming to an end.

I could feel my emotions in turmoil. Do I pitch a fit because I can't do what I want? Look at all of this, it was ALL about me and what I get to do. I was getting angry because I felt I had the right to go out and something had taken that right away! I slowly began to realize having a van is a privilege and I am lucky if I ever get to go anywhere. Amazing how a little turn of perspective can change the emotions!

So how did my evening end? With great success! I accomplished a ton at home and had fun doing it. Maybe this thorn I saw was actually a blessing in disguise. Being forced to stay home gave me the moments I needed to finally get ahead with a few chores here and there. Something about getting stacks completed and actually put up is quite freeing.

Absolutely nothing we can do about the van tonight so I might as well enjoy my time home. Hoping tomorrow brings some answers to the van issue or you might be hearing from 10 very frustrated people in our home!

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