Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas Prep Time

As tradition in our home goes we always set the tree up the day after Thanksgiving, except this year! With a wrist refusing to work, and everyone afraid to tackle a tree without mom, our Christmas tree adventure was a day or two late this year.

Tradition has always been we all put up the tree...except this year! This time trying to catch a college student, a high schooler, the middle school boy just seemed a little too difficult and very unfair to the younger EXCITED ones. So...with the younger half of the family we began the tree project.

Another tradition in our home is to make fun of our tree. This tradition has held fast. I am quite proud of my bargain of $21.49! IT was a $129.00 tree in its day. 10 years later and this scrawny little tree is going strong. When you live in every square inch in your home and you have 8 kids you need a tree that takes up as little space as possible. Barry likes to announce our tree is on a diet! It might be skinny, but it FITS!

Another well kept tradition, little ones enjoying the tree! The toddler has been mesmerized by this tall skinny tree. It is full of balls for him to throw! Mistake #1 - allowing the toddler to put on the balls because he now believes he can take them off, chunk them across the room at his hearts desire! Typically I am the one that has broken a ornament here or there. This year, this child has broken 4 and it hasn't even been up one week yet!

The 7 year old announced he would take care of the top. I announced he was not big enough. Next thing I know here he is with step stool and all!

5 year old is fluffing the tree with meticulous care!

Aww, sweet success of a tree up and decorated!

Seems like each year there is a little something different based on the ages of our kids. Having 3 boys under the age of 7 years means it is the year of the train!

Tree - check!
Train - check!
Christmas music - check!
Presents bought - in progress!
Meal being planned - in progress!
Family portrait - have NO idea!
House decor finished - Nope!
Having fun - Each and Everyday!


  1. There is nothing more fun than decorating for Christmas. Your boys are adorable. What a great pic of the Christmas ball on the tree! Merry Christmas to your family!

  2. So fun! We have very few glass ball on our tree. The two year old is handling it okay and thankfully the baby crawls up to it, touches it carefully and moves on. I like your tree on a diet!

  3. They are more like plastic but aparently if you squeeze hard and chunk them they will break! At least they don't shatter! PTL
    Be ready for next year...Brady would just crawl up to it last year...but not this year:0)

  4. I LIKE your tree! We've actually been hoping for a "skinnier" one. Every year when we put it up, it feels like it takes up 1/2 of our house! :-)
    Little Man has broken a few ornaments, as well. But I keep thinking that next year will be our first year to NOT have a little one pulling everything off. That kind of makes me sad. :-(