Friday, December 18, 2009

Their Coming! Their Coming! Our Home Will Be Full

Life is going to be in full swing the next two weeks. We cannot wait to have family and friends here for the holidays. Who doesn't love a chaotic life that takes it up a notch to more chaos. Kinda like children...once you get to three, what does it really matter if you have more...LOL The chaos has begun!

Same with guest...once you have 10 what does it matter if it is 30 plus! There will be so much activity running around whats a few more.

Parents are coming, sister, brother-in-law, and their 8 children, AND this year we will get to see the Gibson's! That would be potentially another 2 parents, 10 kids with a couple of spouses thrown in! Not sure if all can make it but we will prepare the way. If we prepare it they might come! The days are gonna be filled with adults, college kids, teens, children, a few toddlers and about a ton of memories and laughter!

Two broken cars and 3 showers that have their own individual issues shall not keep this household down! I love a husband that doesn't complain but will roll up his sleeves and get things done to welcome our guest. We count it a HUGE privilege they would all travel this way. But when you have this much fun together the driving and the house organizing is worth it!

I am quite sure my blogging will take on some new post with the prep of a houseful arriving. Last year we slept 23 here in the house. With most the kids in teen to adults sizes these days, lets just say there were bodies everywhere! But when you come from large families it really does seem quite normal! The meals are spectacular to see us feed a crowd. Thank goodness for winter to store some food in the garage!

Time to stop blogging and let the organizing begin! It will be our privilege to prepare for such a wonderful holiday vacation! Kids, the Logan's and the Gibson's are coming....lets get busy!

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  1. I had to stop by and say thanks for your sweet comments...they always make me smile (or laugh out loud!).

    Just looking at your sidebar full of your family pictures makes me almost tear up...what a BEAUTIFUL family you have...I am amazed!

    Thanks for stopping by and saying really makes my day! HUGS!