Saturday, December 19, 2009

Let the Organization Begin

Time is a ticking!

Our household is in full action of guest preparation! Of course, like any mom, the household cleaning and organizing is in full swing focusing on the tiniest speck. All games, cards, toys, socks, shoes, hats, gloves and every cranny of this house shall be cleaned and organized! We all aim for that perfect Christmas Day. (Don't we ladies?). Hoping that I continue to keep a check on the atmosphere of our home we shall move at a peaceful Godly speed!

I enjoy having people in our home.

I see it as an opportunity to share Christ in the midst of dirty diapers, a few fits, many meals, and constant conversation and laughter. Along with living life it is an opportunity for my children to learn how to be host and hostesses. A chance to serve and think of others first. It is their time to help mom brainstorm on what we need to rearrange, fix, or adjust to make our guest more comfortable. It is an ongoing brainstorm session as we try to set our home up to accommodate the variety of ages. From adults who would like to visit, little ones running around, teenagers that want to stay up late and laugh, and anything and everything in between.

Our prayer and hope is that anyone who steps into our home will feel an atmosphere of peace. Even if it is a little chaotic at times.

Time for me to stop blogging and finish the thoughts and plans of who will sleep when and where and leaving some semi-quiet areas for a few adults to enjoy the scenery of children laughing and playing.

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  1. You are so sweet to open up your home to so many. Hope it is a wonderful time.