Saturday, December 12, 2009

Encouragement, We All Need It

Do you have others that encourage you? I know I do. I love how friends can just speak up at the right time and give a word of encouragement or a well needed hug. You never really know when that moment will pop up and you need that moment with someone that cares. It is why it is so important that we make connections.

I have learned over the years that not only do I need those connections, but so do my husband and my children. When we moved here and seeing how hard it was on my children, I was moving away from family for the first time, and knowing Barry was going to be busy I knew he needed me to not just find my support from him. And knowing with teens I could not be their only support I was eager to jump in and help my family adjust to our new world.

Thankful for a church that had a moms group who happened to be having a lock-in, I jumped in. It was perfect timing. Amazing how God does that on a regular basis! Being a mom of 8 I didn't have the time to build a friendship week to week, I needed a jump start! Nothing like spending all night with delirious people to help you get to know them on an intimate basis pretty quick. It took me willing to step out of my comfort zone and it took ladies who were open to connect with me. I love them for that moment when life was changing drastically for me and my family and their openness to include me made this home for us all. (Make momma happy and the rest of the family can survive!) LOL

For my kids we attended one Sunday and had some teens walk over and ASK my daughter if she wanted to sit with them. That was amazing and priceless! That one gesture changed my daughters outlook on moving from all her friends. She instantly had the hope there would be new friends to be found.

Not only have my children and myself connected with friends but my husband has a wonderful group of men to challenge him. As a married couple we need our couple friends and we need our individual friends. I find men often need encouragement to make those friendships happen. And it typically won't be over dinner or lunch like women. We can connect in a heart beat. Our guys need to have a little sweat and manly/boyish events to really connect. That my friend does not happen in an hour. Knowing he is different than I, I am willing to let him go, not just willing, I highly encourage him to make that time. He is such a care giver to me he wouldn't dare go if I didn't encourage it. I love that! Not only that but I find men don't just jump in to make those friendships unless we do encourage them. They don't always think they need it but what a difference it makes when they have it.

Helping my family find their connections ends up blessing us all. After moving several times over the years I have learned if I wait on those connections to happen it can takes months if not years. Wanting to take hold of every moment to live life to its fullest, I do my part as a mom and wife to jump start our friendships. If one connection fails, we move ahead to try another. Eventually the Lord has that right person, teen, or couple that become our friends, support base, and encourager's!

Do you have your encourager's?
Do you have others YOU encourage?

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