Sunday, December 13, 2009

Broken, Broken, and Broken

You gotta love life when things decide to break all at once. What would life be without something broken here or there?

But Christmas time? Really? Kinda had other plans with the money and my time! Of course, I am pretty sure it doesn't matter when things break, it is NEVER convenient! And for some reason all of our issues are things nobody can for sure tell us what is wrong! I look forward to the day someone can look at something and say I know what your problem is! Wouldn't that be nice!

Red Van - down over a year and it is still an unknown why it isn't working.

White Van - still leaking fluid and haven't been able to discover where the leak is, more time involved.

Shower downstairs - tiles are sinking into the ground and it has frightened the children! Especially when you have an excited over exaggerated daughter that makes everything sound 10 times worse than it is! But it sure is fun to watch her get excited about SOME issues...LOL

Upstairs showers - leaking through ceiling at one specific point and yet plumber was not able to discover why the downpour...time for another plumber.

Mom's body that has a mind of its own. Although I am on my way to cut gluten out of my diet. Every day I do a little better at cutting that gluten, not easy! Still having parts quit but hoping for better days ahead.

For now, I am okay saying we have things breaking. Tomorrow when I begin paying some bills I am pretty sure I will need to access God's peace when watching money fly out of the bank all in one day.

What am I thankful for?
A husband that is always kind, gentle, sweet, and willing to do life with me!
Children who are enjoying life and are healthy!
I have a Lord that brings peace in the midst of the uncertainty!
We still have a working truck! Seats two, but we are making it work...LOL
The van isn't completely dead yet! Keeping our eye on the fluid!
The upstairs showers work as long as we have a bucket ready!
And for today, my body is pain free and working!

I am most thankful for a Savior who knew exactly what our problem was and immediately offered His Son! NOW, THAT is something to be THANKFUL for!

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