Monday, December 14, 2009

What Is The Atmosphere In Your Home?

If you are like me, your household and life are already into full action for the day! Much of it going faster than any mom can handle.

At the moment, I have teens shocked that we are doing school, AGAIN!
Little boys playing outside with sticks, masks, and pretend weapons!
(they are the best of buddies at the moment...hope it stays, I have things to do!)
Toddler is into full destruction mode!
(Cute as he is, it can be a handful!)
And I am as scattered as always, jumping from one task to another and adding more to my lists.

Waiting to hear from a friend expecting baby #3 today. Working on meal schedules for her family. Working on our own meals and room adjustments for family coming to town. Reading every label in my home and seeing what has gluten and what doesn't. (Even mom is doing homeschooling today.) I am finding that NOTHING in our home is EVER returned to its original spot. (I hate to say it but I am quite sure I did not return things in my moms home either, Sorry MOM!) But that doesn't let my own family off the hook.

Realizing I have little eyes watching me as I discover the chaos they have left for mom to bring order too. And seeing that they are also watching their mom adjust to a new way to eat. It is helping me to keep my attitude and fears in check. Giving frustration and fear to the Lord and walking one moment at a time.

I love a quote I just read in a book "Chasing God and the Kids Too"

"Peace should reign in our homes as we carry the very life of God in us"

How is the atmosphere in your home? Can peace be felt by all who enter? More importantly can peace be felt by your spouse and your children? It is so true that atmosphere is important!!! If you sell a home, a pan of fresh baked cookies can add that extra special touch to those who enter. What would the malls be like without the sounds, smells, and Christmas decorations at this time of year?

As the holidays approach, what would your family say the atmosphere in your home is like? Can they say this might be a busy time but it is fun as we plan. Or does your family run for cover? A well organized home, clean carpets, or shiny bathrooms are nothing if in the midst of it our actions have destroyed the atmosphere (the peace)!

Having an atmosphere of grace doesn't just happen. It takes work and focus to remember what we need to do. I had a friend that posted a tweet today by Corrie Ten Boom

"Faith is an activity, it is something that has to be applied."

Are you applying your faith?
Are you accessing the peace of Christ in your home?
When others enter our home and say it is peaceful, that isn't something I do. That is my faith in action! Only God can bring such peace in a very chaotic world. He is also the same God that can bring forgiveness when mom has her moments of succumbing to the pressure. But that pressure is no excuse to stop applying God's presence of peace!

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