Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What Counts? Actions or Responses

I am realizing more and more how much parenting, parenting takes! It isn't just one problem when dealing with siblings, it is multiple. You can't just jump in the middle and pull them apart and be done. It takes full on action with one child then the other. Everyone wants to point at whose fault it was and you just can't.

As a parent we get so busy we just want to fix the issue as fast as possible so we deal with who is the loudest, the biggest complainer, or the fit thrower. When what we really need to do is take the time to deal with all involved. First, deal with the child with the wrong comment, action, or thought. And then we need to take the time to deal with the other child and what their response was to the situation.

If you have an argument I promise you it is coming from both ends! Whether a marriage, sibling squabble or a friendship.

Each one has a responsibility for their own actions and RESPONSES!

The truth is I have a choice in MY response!

I wonder how many marriages would be saved if we realized our response is as vital as their actions.

I wonder how many childhood squabbles would be squashed if we helped them see their response isn't dependent upon their sibling's actions.

I wonder how many friendships would be salvaged if we saw our friend with grace and allowed understanding to fill our heart verses anger in how they let us down.

So many things will happen in my children's lives. It will be full of all kinds of feelings and emotions. I would do my children an injustice if I did not teach them that they have the power to affect change. A changed response could be the difference in understanding or the end of a relationship. But apart from Christ we will have a very hard time in controlling our emotions. Christ is the power behind a heart of love verses a heart of revenge. My natural response is to react! God in me gives me a choice to change that bitter heart of revenge to the tender heart of understanding and love.

What will your response be today?

You do have a choice!





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