Sunday, November 1, 2009

Leaves, Dogs, and the Unexplainable

Well, it was a busy and full weekend, from completely losing sight of our driveway, to the good-byes to our precious dog, and now a foot not working. Life really has a way of causing chaos, tears, and pain.

Thinking we were going to enjoy the weekend but realizing it was the first sunny day in days. When you drive up to your house and can no longer figure out where the driveway is, it just might be time to rake some leaves! Thankful for some extra hands (8 children), great weather, and the desire of a mom and dad to GET IT DONE! Because without a doubt the kids were trying to bail on us every chance they got. There was so much wheelin' and dealin' going on! They were positive that we were trying to RUIN their weekend! We assured them that many others were doing the same thing we were on this first beautiful day in weeks! Thankful when we saw the neighbors out, other teens raking, and children playing to prove our point they would NOT be the only ones raking a few leaves here and there!

The good-bye to our little Dakota! Our chocolate lab that we got upon getting to Arkansas was a wonderful friend to the kids entering their new world here from Texas. Life sometimes changes our paths and a move within 1 ½ years here to a smaller home and yard, the increase activities of teens, and the economic change which has meant an adjustment for everyone it was evident that it might be time for us to let her go. We are thankful for a wonderful home for her but that didn't stop the tears and the reflection of letting a good dog go.

And now I am having yet another body part that has decided to go on strike! Two days ago the left wrist and this afternoon the right ankle each giving no warning just all of a sudden I can't use them. Can't decide whether I am glad I am going to a doctor this week or not. I think my method of ignoring the problem was working until it appears things are happening more often. I would appreciate the prayers that this will be some crazy easy fix. I won't lie that I haven't had moments of wandering if this is something serious. (Learning to constantly remember to take fear captive and remember God allows what will and won't happen.) It sure makes you realize that there are definitely things out of our control. The only control we have is what we will do with how we handle what comes next. (Hoping I handle that right.) So whether it is something silly or something serious I am looking forward to God's grace as aging and life is a fact of life. Thankful for family that helps take care of their mom when she has unexplainable issues. We would love your prayers as we seek the doctor and a chiropractor to see what wisdom they can share for this mom with the unexplainable traveling issues!


  1. I just got your comment and I had to stop by and say - have a beautiful {BIG} family! I mean, PRECIOUS! Props to you, Mama! HUGS!

  2. Blessings to you friend! I just lifted up a prayer that the docs provide answers and God provides healing! Big Hug! (Did you see my post last Friday on Livin Life Out Loud?) :)

  3. Yes! I did! I hope we hear of many people doing a free garage sale. When this couple first brought it up none of us had any idea it would begin to pick up pace and be something so fun that we would do year after year! Thanks for the sweet comments!