Friday, October 30, 2009

A Real View of This Mom of 8

Loving the wonderful comments I get from other moms. I so appreciate their encouragement, I need it, don't we all? I do feel I need to share this mom of 8 does not have it all together. Don't put me on a pedestal because your gonna see me fall!

I am a sinner.
I am a woman with only 24 hours in a day.
I am a mom that has lots of kids in and out of her home which creates a great deal of commotion that is not always handled well by me.

Praise the Lord for a Savior that saves the broken!
Praise the Lord for a Savior that grants grace in my day!
Praise the Lord for a Savior that brings forgiveness into our home when I let my family down!

I am asked a lot "HOW do you do it all?" Which I find funny! Not at the question, it is a great one! I find it funny that ANYTHING gets accomplished. The laughter is because that is Gods grace! Let me let you in on a secret...."It ALL does not get done in one day!"

There you have it folks, the cat is out of the bag!
You only see a glimpse into my life. Anyone can look put together for an hour or two. But follow me around for a full 24 hours/7 days a week and you are gonna see LIFE happen!

For any mom out there trying to get everything done, time to lighten that burden and realize it isn't going to happen. What CAN happen is how you handle the pressure that is before you.
Can you still find joy in your chaos?
Can you find joy in the unaccomplished tasks?
Can you find joy in the failure of family members to follow rules, warnings, and guidelines?
Can you find joy in the midst of the laundry piles?
The mountains of homework?
The ongoing squabbles of little ones at your feet?
And the tireless days!

This mom of 8 often finds herself swallowed up by the unbelievable load of being a parent, homemaker, wife, friend, disciplinarian, teacher, and just being a woman! When I feel the chaos taking me over I am learning to stop and regain my thoughts into a Godly perspective. To remember what my true goal is in each.

As a parent - If I remember I AM a walking picture for my children in how to handle adulthood, then it pretty much dictates my responses to how I handle the business of my home. I hope my children will be joyful adults, that is my prayer. Not that they are only happy when things are in perfect order or perfect condition. I desire they know how to have JOY when life Isn't perfect! Because we all know that is a VERY true statement and reality! There will be more tough times than perfect times. But there can always be joy even in the imperfect moments!

As a homemaker - If I remember that I ought to make my home peaceful and joyful, then that takes the pressure off. The pressure of spotless sinks, piles of laundry, dirty toilets, and countless toys or wii handles everywhere! It is more than just about STUFF!

As a wife - If I remember that I am to respect and honor my husband then that replaces the frustration of a man that might not always put his laundry up but he is always a man going to work each day and giving all he can give for his family. Surely I can make the home comfortable (I said comfortable not spotless) to honor him.
(I am thankful for a husband that doesn't expect a spotless house!)

As a friend - I love that God provides friends along the way. Each friend with their unique quality/gifts and God design. We aren't all good at the same thing. But we all have something good to offer. I love the challenge to discover a new friends gift and appreciate their unique design, see them for who God created them to be vs what I want them to give. I love having friends to encourage me, cry or laugh with me, and who graciously understand me.

As a disciplinarian - I have to remember the object of what we are training. I find that keeping in mind the fruit of the spirit or just the simple thing of honoring one another can solve a multitude of issues in the home. (well, it points this mom in the right direction vs me falling off the band wagon into anger!) If we are to honor one another and Glorify God that pretty much means I can't fly off the handle! Won't say I don't have a moment or two that I am ready to blow but I am finding I am getting quicker and quicker at bringing my emotions back under God control (with his help). I want to train my children in how to honor others and that will first come with me honoring them!

As for being a teacher - I have to remember what is my goal? If my goal is education, pretty sure I am not accomplishing all I need to be doing! But if my goal is to help my children learn to love education and that there is more to life than just right answers then I think we are doing okay. (didn't' say perfect...just okay) I want my kids to see you can fail, miss a problem, or be frustrated but you can't quit, give up, or be defeated! We serve a Big God than can guide us in becoming more than we would have been on our own. He doesn't promote failing or giving up! He is a God of power and that power is always moving forward! In our home we still forget to put a period, we battle the issue you must do your math EVERY day, and reading will not be an option! BUT they still forget the period, they try to skip math, and some hate to read! BUT we brush ourselves off and begin again.

As for being a woman - ugh! I find I am often having to take wrong thoughts out of my head. As long as I don't look in a mirror I do pretty good. This mom has not been the greatest at taking care of herself. I hate the weight, I see the age creeping in, and not a fan of insane hair on so many rainy days. But when I remember that I am a child of God and He created me then I remember it is my heart not my outward appearance that matters. That means I need to open my Bible more and look in the mirror less! The Bible reflects my heart which is eternal. The mirror only reflects the flesh which is temporal!

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  1. Great post, Shannon! You are are and have done an amazing job. I can't wait to see you all soon.