Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Free Garage Sale Anyone?

Do you want to experience something life changing?

Then you should grab a family or two and hold your own
Free Garage Sale!

This started as an idea from a friend

and has turned into a family favorite for 8 families!

An empty lot with a few items from our homes,

and hearts willing to give, turned a cold day into a

LOVE, LAUGHTER, and JOY by all!

From young to old we all came to help.

We had 8 families and a ton of kids that served their community.

This was a total family involvement we ALL enjoyed!

Each year the kids now ask me, "When is the FREE garage sale?"

They are eager and ready to give their stuff away!

What did it take?
About 30 minutes of prep time to set it up!
When you are giving it away it saves a lot of time,
fills your heart with joy as you give,
and becomes a blessing to another family!

Our girls offered Free Gift Wrapping for Christmas!
There were bikes, playhouses, strollers, toys of all kinds!
There were cookies to munch on while they waited for their gifts to be wrapped!

Clothes, shoes, books, toys, furniture, strollers, car seats, household items, stuffed animals,

While parents shopped there was a jump house for kids

and face painting offered by the teens!

We even grilled hot dogs on this cold day!

Cookies were there for the extra touch of something special!

The stories of the people coming to shop as they were stunned we were just giving it away! The tears of how this met a specific need, the husband that had lost a job, the sick mother that couldn't provide for her family, the teen that now had a nice shirt for his first job interview, the grandmother that was able to give a bike on Christmas morning, the love that was given for no other reason than God loves us so we can LOVE others!

Our tears as we watched those that had shopped and found those things they needed to leave and then return bringing their things that someone else might need! It was a moment of perfection to watch things come and go as everyone pitched in to make it a special day for each other!

Who knew that 3 years ago an idea
turned into one of our families favorite activities that we talk about all year long!
That our children would learn to give up their treasures
so they can become someone elses.
That they would see LOVE in action

Want to experience something different?

Have your own FREE garage sale
and share with me what your experience was on that special day of giving!

Until then,
we are in prep for our 3rd annual Free Garage Sale the end of November!
My kids are already in motion setting their toys aside to give away on this day!


  1. VERY fabulous! I have kicked this idea around for years, but have always ended up just taking our stuff to Goodwill. Seems your way provides a much more tangible way to teach children the importance of giving and loving! You may have just convinced me to make this happen in my neighborhood! Thank you for sharing and setting a God honoring example! Many blessings, Tracey :)

  2. Go for it! IT really is a lot of fun! A couple in our small group came up with the idea and it is growing bigger and bigger each year! WE ALL love it!