Tuesday, October 27, 2009

One of Those Days

Oh My! It is another one of those days! How many things can go wrong!

Technology is still a curse, I am still struggling to get into a doctors office that can't see me until April, everyone of the kids reports cards is lost, the dishes that I asked to be done about 5 times last night were still NOT accomplished.

Did I mention the kindergartner breakdown? Or the toddler that won't stop making dirty diapers long enough for us to get a clean breath! Or the college student that never shuts a door or turns off a light.

The highschooler that has refused to get her license.

The mini van that just sits in our driveway laughing at me everytime I have to get in the car and shuffle a new kid somewhere!

The 6th grader that is discovering chores are here to stay. (I can't believe he is still shocked each day that we ask him to do something.)
Does he think life is a free ride?

So before I change another diaper, grade another paper, re-enter all the dates and grades for their report cards, check to see if the dishes were finally done, or the lights are turned off, or the cabinet doors closed, the laundry moved from one machine to another...AND...that they actually folded and put up what they pulled out, I decided I needed to blog!

I need to be in a dead run today but for some reason this dreary rain is making me move at an awfully slow pace with little motivation. I have 1 1/2 hours before I am back in the van for a few hours, so this mom better get into action!

I am thinking I need to grab me one of those toddler hugs first!


  1. You have made me feel normal today. The next time I think I am the only mom who repeats herself, I'll remember this post. Thanks!

  2. Thank you, hun for your precious comment! We have been so blessed with all of the people praying for us throughout this very stressful ordeal. Thanks again for your sweet comment.

    And what a PRECIOUS family you have!!!! BEAUTIFUL!