Saturday, November 7, 2009

Not Much Time To Think

Goodness! I haven't blogged in several days! I have barely had time to breath!

Life has been in full swing with about a dozen distractions in the process. I am finding I am learning to allow those distractions to be new adventures verses curses in our schedules. I do believe I am soaking up the knowledge of those moms before me as I reach this new level of activity in our home.

I used to laugh at moms of teens who would say how much busier they were with teens than little ones. I thought they have just forgotten what life was like. Now that I am with teens I see they were SO right!

I hear moms of kids in college and and see we are yet reaching another stage of life. Our norm is now full of interruptions, changes in plans, and never fully knowing who is coming and going at any given moment.

I am learning to adjust plans on a dime!

I am learning what really matters and it typically isn't stuff!
(May drive me nuts...but it will come and go where my time with these kids is limited!)

I am learning to balance the fine art of letting go and let God!

I am learning I am going to be tired the rest of my days!

But in this process I AM going to enjoy every minute that I can while God has them in my life!

There is nothing simple about a home that is raising a college student, high schooler, junior higher, a couple of pre-teens, grade schoolers, and a toddler! But I am finding many JOYS and BLESSINGS as we peek into a new stage, continue learning about the stages we THINK we know, and loving the complete joy of a toddler that is at the beginning stage of his journey in life!

ugh...would this be a good time to say I just found the toddler playing in the toilet with a tennis ball! YUCK! Boys are gross! Toddlers are a mess! But look at all the adventures I would miss out on without them!

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