Saturday, November 21, 2009

Health Issues...Not So Fun

Today I sit with a left ankle that has decided to quit today:/
(NOT happy I am missing the Free Garage Sale!) But thankful others are there and are meeting the needs of many!

I had high hopes that it wouldn't happen. Yesterday my right shoulder felt like it would quit, then it was my left wrist, and later the left ankle. I was hopeful in that both the shoulder and the wrist didn't fully quit! woohoo!

But late last night the ankle gave way to the pressure!

Trying to realize this will be a process and anxious to see the doctor this week for blood work results. Hope it isn't serious. Praying we are on the road to discovery of my issues!

Until then, working on calming an anxious heart. Resolving to the fact my body wants to get up and move and my ankle is on strike! Thankful that things could be worse and they aren't (so far).

I am going to turn this pain into something productive! As I sit here with the pain off and on it is a constant reminder to pray for a friend of mine from high school that is battling cancer. She found out about 2 weeks ago and began her first treatment of chemo and radiation this week! I can only imagine the pain and the fear that creeps in during these long days for her.

Would you pray for Michelle too? Praying she will feel God's gentle arms wrapped around her! She will feel at peace and pray that God would move in a healing way!

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