Saturday, November 21, 2009

Kids Hear Everything

I have to laugh at our 2nd grader and his comment to me last night. Getting ready for bed I announce it is time for him to go downstairs.

"I will go in a minute I am cleaning your bathroom."

I say, "that is sweet but you need to go to bed now."

"Since you and dad are having a hard time I'm gonna help."

(He was implying we are having a hard time putting stuff up!)

I snickered and wanted to announce the majority of that stuff wasn't even ours. It was the college student, the high schooler, and the 5th grader...hmmm...all girls! But I just laughed,

"Yes bud, we are having a very hard time!"

Kids thrive on positive praise.
Funny how I don't always remember that rule! All of this cleaning came from one comment a few weeks ago. Sitting at the dinner table after all the kids had run off Barry and I were talking about the day. I had mentioned about how this child had helped me organize all the kitchen cabinets. When everyone else bailed on me he stood his ground and worked hard. He obviously over heard us talking and came into the room. As his dad praised him for his hard work you could see the enormous smile come across his face. Who knew that simple moment of positive praise would turn him into an organizing guru! For weeks now this child will get up and offer to help sort a cabinet, organize a drawer, or pick up my room.

Lest we think they don't hear, they DO!
As parents we need to watch our comments about our children and we should be singing their praises often. There is a world out there eager to point out their faults and failures. We should be their cheering squad! Want to see a change in your child? Find something they do and praise them. Then watch the glow that will proceed to follow afterwards!

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  1. I totally agree! I love to see the smiles after giving an encouraging word. I usually get hugs too :)