Thursday, November 19, 2009

Freaking Out...But Still Holding on to JOY


I am exhausted!
I am overwhelmed!
I am behind on EVERYTHING!

Did I mention tired???

Trying to maintain a healthy perspective and wishing this world would just freeze time about once a week and let me catch up! Because THIS mom cannot get ahead. If I happen to catch up about 4 times out of the year it last for all of 2.5 seconds when I do!

The mail, bills, laundry, meals, cleaning, THE van shuffle, and time with kids. Oops, I totally have left school out the past couple of weeks. Thank goodness for homeschooling because we eventually catch up!

I cannot believe Thanksgiving is here.
I cannot believe they have already had christmas lights hanging for 2 weeks.
And I cannot believe I am still NOT adjusted to the time change!

Did I mention I am STILL tired?

But I am thankful that God prompts me all through the day to keep my frustration in check, love my moments with the kids, and reminds me that there is HOPE in maybe tomorrow I will catch up!

Goodnight all!


  1. I'll be praying that the Lord will bless the work of your hands today. I miss the days of being caught up on everything once in awhile. :-)

  2. Ah yes...everything AND school. That is what canput me over the top. I can do a lot well but not a lot and school. I usually find that when i am feeling like you foot, one task in front of the other eventually makes me feel not so frantic. WHen I get the washing machine purring, the dishwasher running, the counters wiped...suddenly I feel a little air come into my lungs. Hang in there sister! M.