Thursday, November 19, 2009

Back To JOY

Are you finding JOY in your day?

I recently picked up a book and it definitely got me thinking. See, I never read a book straight through. I tend to be one to read a chapter here, there and then, I ponder. I eventually finish them.

This time I grabbed a book called "Run with The Bulls without Getting Trampled". I have had it all of two weeks and so far have only completed one chapter. But it was the Preface that caught my attention. God seems to grab me everywhere!

My goal lately has been to teach my children to finish their task well, with a happy heart, and serve others. This WILL be an ongoing task. But if they become adults who enjoy others, find contentment in their jobs, and love the Lord…then my heart will be well pleased!

Here is a question, "How do we define work?"

If you define it as what we labor at, then it most certainly includes school, chores, laundry, dishes, raking leaves, vacuuming, tennis practice, making beds, cleaning your room, sorting clothes from season to season, grocery shopping, meal planning, and definitely taking care of cranky kids.

(I see a mixture of what I want them to learn and what I need to do for them to capture what I teach)

Question #2, "Is your work a source of pain?"

If we add up the hours in which we are doing things we labor at we will definitely find the majority of our lives are full of the unpleasant IF we view it that way! From schoolwork to maintain order in a home we are laboring!

(I see life is too short for them to dread the task they have to complete. I like to challenge the kids to enjoy the moment, even if you are raking leaves, or doing a math page.)

Question #3, "Would you like to find more joy in your day?"

If that is true, then it might just start with our attitudes. If we want to change how we feel about something then we must first change what we do and say!

(My kids are shaping their world by what I say and do. Are my words showing them the joy in life or the mundane task we all must do?)

Nothing like experiencing a little loss to make you appreciate all you have in life. After the loss of our little Adam (15 yrs ago) I realized my joy would not be defined by the hardships in life. From that moment on a waking baby in the night rarely rattles my cage. Another teaching moment will not shatter my day. And no matter what comes our way the fact we get another day together I will take it how I get it!

If there was one thing I could teach my children this would be it I Thessalonians 5:16

Be joyful always;

Pray continually;

Give thanks in ALL circumstances,

For this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.

I am learning that this must be taught because it truly goes against our natural feelings. We have a chance to teach our children that they CAN make a conscious decision to follow God in all circumstances. I can teach this without hesitation because I know in the process I might not be able to buy them all their desires and protect them from all harm, but I can put JOY at their finger tips! And that will first start with a mom that practices this day in and day out! Lord, help me to continually find my Joy resting in your hands, even with the mundane day to day task!

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