Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Chicken

So many days off from blogging:/ I'm BACK!
I thought I could keep up but I just couldn't. We took time off to visit family in Texas. It is always fun to be with 9 cousins for the weekend!

It was an interesting one. If you follow me on facebook then you know what dilemma followed us to Texas!

We arrived late one evening and the following day we were getting ready for the day out around town. Only to have the college student run in shouting that I had left a dirty diaper in the car! Knowing I had not changed a dirty diaper in the car NOR would I ever leave one there I walked out to see what the commotion was all about. One good sniff revealed the truth..."the chicken"!

You see, three days prior, I had done a Sam's run and bought a bag of boneless frozen chicken. As any good mom does, I asked my boys to unload the car.

And as any good boy does, they did unload MOST things:/

Now the task at hand!!!!
Scold the boys for NOT completing a job.
Figure out the plan of attack to get rid of that HORRID smell. (smell of death)
Praise the Lord mom and dad had a car we could use. OH SO THANKFUL!!!

The boys cleaned and scrubbed the car twice...still smelled!
I took it to be cleaned...$50.00 later we still have odor!
The boys clean the car again....getting better but still NOT breathable!
Now I am trying baking soda...still not great!
Coffee grounds were next...we are now smelling a variety of odors!

None of them are horrible but none of them are pleasant either.

The children now understand what I mean by unload the car....

ALL of the car!
I am thankful that they at least told me when they discovered the bag of chicken verses them throwing it in the freezer and hiding the evidence! I am pretty sure the smell will hang with them a long time to come. (Sad to think a dirty diaper would be better to smell than rotten chicken!) I am looking forward to the day that my car will smell semi normal again. Hopefully soon!

Until will remain open!

The boys are paying mom back for the $50.00 to clean a rotten smell that would not have happened if they had completed the ENTIRE job. (consequences for our sin)

And we will be buying more and more airfreshners for the days ahead!


  1. So I know you are sick of suggestions but someone just told me that a GREEN apple cut open in the middle of a plate of coffee grounds or baking soda worked for them. I dunno...just passing it along. Bad smells are not fun!

  2. When you have a smell THAT bad you will take any suggestions you can get! Thanks!

  3. The adventures of life. :-) Hope it's gotten better by now!