Saturday, November 14, 2009

Grumbling Children and a Van Ride

We made it to Texas. A couple of crazy days trying to get packed, ready, and gone!

Juggling a college student, a buddy, several teens, a pre-teen, a couple of little boys, a toddler and mom it's just amazing we got out the door at all!

First stop, Chick-O-Lay (as the 5 year old says)...we were so thankful for the free coupons dad received being the first 100.

Yep...he and I camped out in tent city! Look for the nearest Chick-fil-a Grand Opening and go have a some family fun!

Back to our travel adventure and parenting moment....

Trying to get out the door with everything there is to do and then to have a couple of squabbling kids was really getting on my last nerve!

With this mom, don't push me, you won't like the results!

Taking my cue from Cosby we do a little creative fun parenting on the side! My solution to having a problem with squabbling siblings is stick them together like glue! They want to be a thorn in our side so I just make them be a thorn to one another! The two of them worked all day on how NOT to sit by one another in the car. SO....I made them sit by each other in the car. I knew if I let them continue on this path we were not going to hear the end of it.

Got them in the car, told them they were only allowed to compliment one another we would not listen to ANY other comment! If they did not enjoy one another then they would not be allowed to play with cousins upon the arrival to TEXAS.

The choice....
Figure out how to see the good in your sibling and get along!
You will be with NO other playmate for the week other than your sibling!

Amazing what giving your kids a little choice will do.

They can either get their act together or deal with the consequences!

This mom got her act together and made a choice to deal with the situation verses dealing with the consequences of complaining, grumbling, and unhappy children! I put that problem back in their lap instead of me being the referee all night long!


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  2. Your travel adventures sound so similar to ours. You crack me up! I LOVE IT! Have fun in Texas :)

  3. Too funny! :-) (only because it's YOU in the car with grumbling kids - ha!)
    My other favorite thing to do (at home), is make them do their chores together. If they can't get along, I make them teammates. Works like a charm!
    You guys have fun!

  4. We do the samething in our home! Figure if they do a little grumbling they need a little time serving one another! We even make them serve each other dinner if they persist all day!