Monday, November 23, 2009

Copy Cats

Solution to a little boy who copies his brother....
And resolution for the older brother who is irritated by the copying!

The problem is one child having fun copying the other child. ALL morning long! Putting the problem off I sit here listening to the oldest son tell them how it is the greatest compliment to be copied by someone. Hmmm...words I used to share with another two little boys I know! Who knew he would remember that:)

This is still not helping the 2nd grader deal with the nuisance.

The young brother is still enjoying his moment of bugging his older sibling a little too much. I look down from the couch and say, "it is true!" The greatest form of flattery (which means you think he is the coolest person you know) is to copy him!

(big smile coming from 2nd grader as he sits in the rocking chair)

(look of confusion on the kindergartner who just wants to bug someone)

The Kindergartner announces I'm not doing that, I'm just copying, that's all!

I said again, you are just proving my point that you think he is the coolest person you have ever known! (8th grader and I are enjoying their reactions to our teaching moment) One child still beaming a big smile the other is perplexed at what to do next!

So what happened?

The copying stopped!

(no sibling will give away that big of a compliment to a brother)

The older brother is content.

(knowing his little brother thinks he is cool)

The younger brother is off to dream of another way to irritate the beloved older sibling.

And for now, the 8th grader and I can finish Algebra I in PEACE!

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  1. Thank you!!! There is such a problem with this between my oldest daughter & a younger one. I'm glad you have the better perspective of a child who's already learned it. I'm praying to get there! I tell her the same thing, about it being a compliment. Doesn't matter. We keep working on it!