Monday, November 23, 2009

Oh My, It's Turkey Week!

My mind is swirling with all the things to accomplish in such a short amount of time. Just getting myself going the right direction can be a challenge. I tend to get side tracked from kid to kid, chore to chore, event to event. Now to work on a memorable day with the family, accomplishing an amazing meal, and get 8 kids finishing a task, I am thinking about throwing my hands up NOW!

Seriously, these thoughts of how to complete the week are constantly on the brain. And I love how God is so graciously giving me little distractions to share what is really important.

First, an amazing day yesterday. It was the perfect fall like weather with beautiful sunshine! So I naturally decide any household chore can wait another day! Ultimate Frisbee for some, naps for the toddler, football for my man, outdoor play for the little boys, reading a good book and baking cookies just for fun! I probably should have thought about baking for Thanksgiving but that would have been stressful at the moment!

Next, we actually hung some Christmas lights out on the front porch. The big eyes on the toddler and lips puckered with the sound of "ooooo" was worth the work involved! His excitement alone made me want to work all evening! The boys were so pumped to see it was Christmas until I announced we won't turn them on until Friday, Thanksgiving FIRST! While I finished up the lights Barry began grilling our hamburgers. I would have loved to have been camping that very moment. Great weather, children laughing and wonderful smells! Soon I am standing in the kitchen with the door open and I hear 4 giggling kids on the porch swing. The 5th grader has all the little boys on the swing keeping them busy while dad and I work. Soon they were all busting out the tunes for "Let everything that God made say, THANK You Lord!", at the top of their lungs. Even the toddler was getting into the groove. Barry grilling and listening downstairs and I was upstairs taking a very long time to warm the buns while we both listened intently and thanked the Lord for that precious memory! Let's just say the chaos of the evening as you try to bring it to a close was ending with warm hearts!

Later, the 5th grader and I are finishing up her book "The Hiding Place". Have you read that book lately? Wow! Oh, to have a heart like they do! Serving others, loving the Lord and thankful for EVERYTHING! Even the fleas! Seeing how everything has its purpose from the Great Creator! They maintain joy in the midst of horror! We are on our last chapter and eager to pick up the movie from the library. I think a wonderful movie to watch this Thanksgiving season. To realize each day we have is a blessing. Our true purpose is to show Christ to a hurting, dark and dying world. And above all.....To Give Thanks In Everything!


  1. Isn't God good? I love moments like that. Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Ah the moments of complete clarity. Love those.