Friday, October 16, 2009

Today, I Learned a Lesson

Well, I have to say I am ready to get back to a schedule! Today was frustrating! So much grumbling and complaining. I can tell my kids "need their momma!"

I can't complain too much because they really have been fabulous of taking care of things as mom is doing the van shuffle and attending a marriage conference with their dad. I love the fact that we have a family that when it comes down to it, they will all pitch in and do their part. Its been difficult but a joy to see the family in motion!

Today, I found myself unloading on the high schooler this afternoon who quickly explained she was not up for that kind of talk. She was right! As we talked, she was able to verbalize what I know my husband must feel like when I talk with him at times.

I was exasperated with phone call after phone call of the kids complaining and arguing. By the time the high schooler called, I was done! It wasn't her fault, she was just the one to reach me at the end of my rope! As I persisted to share my frustration with each thing that had happened, she was quick to share "WHAT do you expect me to do about it!". (PTL) She got my attention. There was NOTHING she could do about it. It was something I needed to deal with and therefore no need to be sharing it with her.

Through her (calm) persistence, I realized as I finished up my shopping. That is how Barry feels at the end of the day if I unload all my frustrations on him. I want someone to listen to my complaint! The problem is....I am telling the wrong person!

I would say I learned a valuable lesson today. (I should have already known what I was doing but didn't. Amazing how you can see it in others and yet not see it in ourselves!) Now the prayer, those days when I am at the end of my rope, what will I do with my exasperation?

Will I take it to the Lord?
Will I add to my husbands load?

There is a need to talk and share about our days with our spouse, but there are ways of telling about our day and another that puts down those in my day. Hoping in the heat of the moment, I will remember to give my frustrations to the Lord and just share with my husband about my day!


  1. So very good! Thank you for the reminder. Somehow, once I have taken it all to the Lord, I can tell the Coach all about it without adding it to his already heavy load. Isn't God good?

  2. It is so true! First she called me to complain and I was like "What do you want me to do about it?" Next thing I know I am complaining and when she said it back to me, it hit me! You are so right about how I share once I have given it to God! A much different conversation! Definitely more honoring to ALL involved! Wonder how long I will remember this:/