Thursday, October 15, 2009

BOYS...are Different

Boys!!! ARE definitely different! Being a girl with only a sister growing up I am still learning all the differences. It was pretty evident to me, the first time I was in Barry's home (he has 2 brothers) life was not the same in a home with boys! Goodness! The running, attacking, punching, bear hugs and a tackle life is interesting with them and a lot quieter without them.

What are they doing? Not sure they know but it looks a little like CAVEMEN!

What is he gonna do? JUMP?

The energy that these guys can have is hilarious when it isn't nerve racking!

Being a mom of 5 boys I am really learning what activity means.

Seriously! They are doing this in my house! And if you know my boys they are fairly calm. What happens to the really active? Although they know enough NOT to do this in front of me. It could give this mom a heart attack. Leaping over one another and chairs. Trust me, we don't have THAT much room! Not only that but they have my precious daughter involved!

I can tell already that my girls have a very different perspective of boys than their mom had growing up. Now comes the fun side as we train our kids the differences in guys and girls. Not the physical but the drive, desires, and the emotions of both. I know they can see it but the question is do they recognize what they see?

I was reminded today how much boys NEED activity! Not just want it, but NEED it! I couldn't figure out why my boys are about to drive me nuts. Then today as I was driving I realized what is happening. All this rain (all week), all the babysitting (all week), they are LACKING activity. They have had some activity but not physical activity.

This isn't just a desire, its a need. I have learned to even spot it in my husband. You want to see a different guy in your home? Let him out to run, jump, tackle, get muddy, climb, or compete at something. You will see the stress leave and the boyish fun we all love come out!

As I am blogging I have a 2nd grader, Kindergartner, and a toddler in full blown tackle/growl mode! The floor is bouncing (multi-level home), my heart is stopping every time I hear a thud, but they are happy!

At first today I needed my teen son to be home to help me. His frustration was building and I just couldn't figure out what was happening. As I was driving the high-schooler to Academy it dawned on me, he needs out. Stuffy nose and all he needs activity! I gave him a call on the phone and told him I would change my mind and allow him to go do 'his' thing. He was a different guy when I arrived.

He was ready to tackle the mundane of keeping the house and watching the kids. I so appreciate their willingness to serve their parents. I want to honor that and serve them.

I know for Barry and I, it has been huge as we have grown up learning the differences in men and women. The information and studies can be funny and very enlightening. We have heard a lot and I promise I can't hear enough. It is all too soon and I am back to viewing the boys through my own eyes. Forgetting their unique design and not realizing I am not speaking their language. If you haven't taken the time to understand the opposite sex, it is time. When we see them how God designed them it is a JOY to be around such differences. But when I see them the way I think they is an irritating rash that grows.

Ladies...Are you taking the time to see the unique design of the men in your life?

Men...Are you taking the time to see the unique design of the women in your life?


  1. LOVE this! This is my life! Ha! The Coach tells me no less than five times a day, "They are BOYS. Let them be BOYS." :-)
    I'm learning.
    I guess I can be grateful for my two brothers who helped me prepare for this, right?

  2. Yes! If we really think about it, I don't actually want my boys to act like girls. I want them to be boys who grow to be men!