Sunday, October 18, 2009

What Do You Want To Know?

Okay, this mom of 8 is asking YOU, what would you like to know?

I have a moment to blog and not sure what to write. Hmm...don't often find myself at a blank. Could be that the emotional and physical drain of 8 children has completely emptied my brain?

I think it means at the moment our life is uneventful! Woohoo! I am quite sure the pace is gonna pick up in about 30 minutes when the rest of the family returns from church. I am constantly amazed at how calm a house of 6 is compared to 10. Of course when I had a house of 6 it was calm with only 4, and when we had 4 it was calm when there were only 3. Basically, whatever number is in your household, minus one person, life seems simpler (unless it is your spouse!) LOL

This mom needs to get off the computer and actually accomplish more than watching the toddler play this morning!

So, is there something you want to know from a mom of 8 and wife to 1?
I can't say I have answers, but I am quite sure we have experienced it! You can't have this many people in one home and not have SOME experiences!

If you would prefer to email me you can catch me at and at some point I might blog on your thought starter!

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