Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Van Shuffle

Here are some fun pictures of a moment of doing "the van shuffle"!
What is the van shuffle?
It is a mom, doing the mom thing, shuffling her kids here and there in a 12 passenger van!

Praise the Lord for a happy child! Brady continues to just go with the flow! He doesn't realize how different life would be without 7 older siblings. I love the fact that the kids enjoy him too!

I love to play music and dance with my babies. I think he has captured "the beat"!
If music comes on, within moments he is swaying, shaking his shoulders and groovin' to the beat!

The fact that we all join in I think helps him continue to learn to move with joy at an early age!
He can get his groove on at a moments notice. Any sound of a beat and you will see toe tapping, shoulder grooving movement happening in the van, at church, in the living room, the kitchen or walking the mall!

Here is to hoping he will continue to enjoy his moments doing the van shuffle with his mom and any variety of other children in and out of the car!

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