Friday, October 23, 2009

Technology and Children Are Still Trying My Patience

Well, I would love to post a picture of the latest childhood issue. But as technology would have it...the camera is in the shop for the 3rd time in 5 months. It is only 18 months old. Pretty sure they should claim it as a lemon and give me another one. I can't afford to miss these kids in action.

If you follow my tweets then you know yesterday we had a small squabble about the Kindergartner stealing gum from the 2nd grader. As the boys are coming into the room with words flying from the 2nd graders mouth how his younger brother is stealing. The accused is walking calmly in chopping on his gum with a smile.

Mom is ready to solve the issue....I ask, "Did you steal that gum from your brother?"

His reply, "No! God says share."

As the teens and I work really hard NOT to laugh (the accuser is still disgusted with his brothers behavior). So we begin a lesson in sharing, stealing, and asking permission.

This same child just has a unique way of looking at things. Can't decide whether it is his personality or whether this is the result of being #7 in the family line! This is where my camera would be very helpful in sharing this story.

You see, we have a white couch in our home. (Mimi if you are reading this you might want to stop:/ since it is her couch...sorry mimi.) I go to clear off the couch with the stuff that is piled up from 8 kids and a husband. Only to uncover my horror as I see written on the couch an 'x' with the name Brock and another name Brady! In pen!

YES...someone wrote on the couch!

Thanks to homeschooling he has learned to write his name everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE!

IT is written tiny, but no doubt it is on there. I have a picture on my phone but am not savvy enough to figure out how to get it from the phone to the blog yet.

With a yell down the hall to my little one. I proceed to ask him, "WHAT were you THINKING?"

He says, "but that is my favorite spot on the couch and I wanted to save it for me and Brady!"
Okay....that makes sense...NOT!

He says, "I put an x there and my name real small."

Yes, he did....but we still do not write on furniture!

Another lesson learned a moment too late!


  1. This story is great! White couches/ white carpeting, these will be our mental downfall for sure:)

  2. Oh Dear. :-)
    Laugh or go crazy, right?