Sunday, October 25, 2009

I Am Shy, Are You?

I was asked the question the other day to share something others might not know about me. I find it hilarious that others do not see me as the shy girl I really am. Ask my friends from high school or grade school! It truly is a testimony of God moving this girl out of her comfort zone to focus on others vs herself!

Just ask my parents how shy I was. They would share with others how my sister and I would hide behind them. That explains why I can remember the backside of my moms dresses over the years.

I would try out for Pom Pon in high school and the most horrifying thing to me was to say my name right before I performed! I remember the distinct feeling I was gonna pass out!

Or the time we were to give an oral report in English and I had decided my grade was good enough that I could take a '0' for the report. Only to have the Lord bring to mind the scripture, "I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me"! What was I gonna do, call God a liar? Did I really believe what His word said? Dog-gone-it I had to get up there and give it.
(I got an A to my surprise...I am thinking that teacher knew how horrified I was!)

If you know my sister you know she is a short one. We would go into Braums for ice cream in Oklahoma and the server would ask what we wanted. I would just point down to my sister since they couldn't see her over the counter. There she was, ready to place our order. Or the times we would go through the drive through window at Wendy's and she would lean over me and the steering wheel to place our order. She was stunned the day I announced she could back off I can order for myself now. (I guess I should share that day didn't come until I was married and pregnant with our first born!)

It gets worse! I took a microeconomics course in college and dropped the class after the professor called me by name! I figured if he new me by day 3 it was going to be a VERY long semester! I announced to my parents I would be one class away from graduating because I would NEVER take a speech class! Although I do recall their laughter that I would not take speech with 30 other people but I would share my testimony in front of a church of 5,000.

I think one way or another God takes something in our lives that is out of character for us and He makes Himself known.

I would love to hear something He has done in your life that is out of character for you! He humbles me by making me realize I am way too worried about who I am at times that I forget to care for others! I pray this shy girl will stay hidden so that God can be made known and others can feel loved!

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  1. Wonderful to read this. And so encouraging! :-) I was a bit shy, too, but more spoiled, than shy. Ha! Having eight kids has definitely changed me (and I pray will continue to). Isn't God good?