Monday, October 26, 2009

How Big Is God? Bigger Than You Think!

Have you ever had a problem that you just can't figure out how this will get resolved?

You can't walk too long on this side of heaven and not find an issue or two bigger than you! It seems like every day we hear of someone else with an overwhelming pain or problem ahead of them. I hope they know and remember HOW big our GOD is!

I am praising the Lord for an amazing church we attend and a pastor that continually reminds us how big God is! (I need to be reminded!) I find in pain and struggles we forget so quickly. The problem can tend to just stay in your face. Blinding us to the hope that is around!

Yesterday we were reminded that when faced with a problem we often only view it from our perspective. We forget that God is so much bigger and He is actually working both ends of a problem. We see our end and we give up! Have you given up?

I am hear challenging you to take those cares and give them back to the Lord. Each time the thought of fear creeps back in lay it back in Gods hands! He IS working both ends of YOUR problem! It doesn't always work the way I think or in the timing I plan. But over the years, without a doubt, He has always been there and created a solution I never saw coming!

I am praying today that those who are struggling will get a glimpse at the hope He provides!
They will experience peace in uncertain times.
To feel the human touch of God using someone to physically provide that hug or encouragement.
And that we will all remember to praise Him for meeting our needs today, yesterday and the days ahead!

Whether I can see it or not I know my God is at work and I have a HOPE that He will provide a solution to my problems! He is bigger than I can ever imagine!

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  1. So good! So true. I sometimes wish life were "easier", but I am so grateful for all of the opportunities to see His power.