Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Toddlers + trying to accomplish anything = Not happening is amazing that we can homeschool with toddlers anywhere near the vacinity! It seems either I, or the toddler, get dressed...never both. You can see today it was me, NOT the toddler. Woke kids up, breakfast done, assigned quick chores (none of which were completed to moms expectations), cleaned my room and then quickly began school. No wonder I drive my kids crazy...I am going 10,000 directions at once. Oh how I forgot what happens with an active toddler. Brady caused chaos within minutes. The picture doesn't even do it justice. Here is where I homeschool the younger crowd and he completely destroyed the room. Toys were everywhere, pencils and pens were on the floor, cups he brought from the kitchen, diaper bag dumped, paper thrown about and then he found my timeline characters and dumped them! Within seconds!!!! As I teach and walk around and pick up all the things Brady is NOT to have. Trying to keep the 2nd grader from falling apart at the interuptions, the Kindergartner from laughing, jumping and grabbing a toy or two I was breaking a sweat. The 5th grader was at least pleasant and tried to help in the chaos. The 6th grader was mad that he was behind in school, like it was my fault! Nor did he feel I was watching Brady good enough. I have no idea where the 11th grader was or that the 8th grader was busy doing his work. I am hoping for the best and I guess we shall see later today!

On top of school we have laundry, meals, bills, and work to grade. Walking to put up laundry as fast as I complete a load (to which I am very, very grateful for fast and WORKING machines....last year was a nightmare with a washing machine that would take 10 hours to finish ONE load...that is....IF it decided to finish the load!) Brady and I proceed upstairs with laundry in tow. In minutes he has destroyed my clean room! Again...this picture only shows a peek. He dropped CD's, jewelry, books, clothes, hangers, a few toys, AND found the toilet paper! But at least I got a shirt on him by 11:00 a.m.! I am thankful that I was able to be home because of a fixed truck! Who knew a battery would cause such shouts of JOY from me. Toddler is fed and down for naps.....I am awaiting the college student so I can drive her to work and make a grocery store run. (again...we are out of toilet paper, wipes, and milk...all very necessary!) I will soon find out whether the other 2 kids ever did any work.

There were a couple of blessings from today.....I love that my husband is always looking for ways to help me. Last night as we enjoyed our time together he shared a website with me. an online Bible. I LOVE that thing! You must check it out! As I was chasing the toddler, putting up laundry, fixing lunch, cleaning what the kids left out I was able to also finish History/Bible. I taught the lesson and then left the other kids to answer questions or color pictures while they listened to the online Bible read to them.

They loved it, I loved it and they even asked if I could play it again. "YES, I say...YES!"

Oh the sweet sight of kids sitting and learning,
toddler napping,
birds chirping
and mom got a moment to glance at perfection!
It only lasted about 3 minutes....but I will take what I can get!!!!


  1. Oh friend. I have had the SAME day. While I schooled (and was oh so grateful that the young two were playing nicely together) the two were actually upstairs emptying all of the books off their shelf. I should have taken a picture because believe was awful. Unlike a toddler though, those two KNEW better and boy was I unhappy. Oh well. Then, it was spilled yogurt...and baby messes everywhere. Ahhh....yes, what's that you say? I will miss this someday...yeah, I can't wait to MISS IT! :D

  2. I just found your blog recently. I love this post. It's so great to hear others living in the same chaos that I do. To think, this is our normal! Can't wait to try out that sight with the girls.

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog. Glad you are enjoying it. Something about knowing you aren't the only one going through the chaos makes it easier to take:D

    I think it is funny that mhutsell is a mom of 6 boys and if I remember squirly girls is a mom of 6 girls...LOL

  4. Ahhhh the toddlers. :-) We've decided that our Little Man has done everything ornery that all of the other seven did - except he's done it ALL! Smiling all the while. I suppose I will miss it. Maybe?

  5. true! I find it much harder to be mad at Brady because he is so happy in the process and I know all too soon he won't be. Although...I could really use the extra time NOT picking up his messes! LOL