Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Strong Willed Child....You Got One?

Looking forward to lunch with my college student. I eagerly await our time together to have a focused moment on one another and to dig into God's word. You know, just like great marriages don't just happen, neither do relationships with our kids. We really do live a life that needs to be done with a purpose!

A clean house doesn't just happen.
The laundry doesn't just get cleaned.
Meals don't just appear.
So why is it that we take for granted that relationships just happen?

I eagerly work towards nurturing this relationship with THIS child. It is such a JOY to see her at this stage of life. I really could not be prouder of her. BUT I am not sure she knows that.

Here is my time to be honest and yet honoring.
My sweet first born, curly headed daughter is what you would call strong-willed. If you have a strong-willed child then you understand instantly what I mean. As a parent we have such a unique role in their lives.
How do we help develop them in becoming Godly leaders?
Because they WILL be leading since they aren't ones to be told what to do.
At the same time, how do I train such a strong personality without being sent into complete anger or frustration? (I best be on my knees )

These are the children IF you say sit, they stand.
IF you say 'yes', they say 'no',
IF you say do this, they say "WHY".
They keep you engaged constantly and yet they want nothing to do with your input. IF you are a parent of a strong willed child you must read this book from Jody Capehart. Trust me...if you are a parent to one of these children you need to find the humor in HOW God made them. See them through HIS eyes, not yours! They really possess a unique quality that when pointed to the Savior can have major impact on those they are around. Although if you live with them, and especially their parent, you are either driven to tears or laughter! There is NO in-between for these kids.

I am hear to give you HOPE! I LOVE this stage as she is becoming a woman on her own. Watching her move with HIM, serving HIM, having impact on others. She radiates Christ!
OH...the years of parenting are so worth it to see that God allowed me to be part of this amazing young woman's life! I am still learning how to be a mom to this beautiful young woman. She still teaches me that I react with my own desires instead of responding out of Gods! I can see instantly in her when I respond with Gods power. These children are smart! She has a unique quality that I better learn to encourage and inspire instead of frustrate this child of God!

I am off to see what God has shown her these last few days! I am in awe of who she is becoming. I hope I inspire her to be more than I might make her feel at times.

One last encouragement to the strong-willed child parent....I have laughed and cried through this book, "You Can't Make Me, But I Can Be Persuaded"! IF you are tired and worn out from your special to the store and purchase this book! Learn to appreciate how God made made him/her!


  1. Read? Who has time to read? Don't you have another video clip to help instead? Just kidding. The marriage clip was great. Now that I'm 14 yrs into this, I know that we work at this. And it was nice to hear of a strong- willed child that got to live to see the college years. There are days I wonder about ours, againg just kidding. Glad we only have one!

  2. husband and I laughed at your post:D
    Obviously you have a strong willed one. I find parents that don't look at you like your crazy when we make comments like that...all in love...all in love! I think we have 2...and about 4 others that are picking up some of the traits!

  3. What an encouragment to all mothers to realize each of our children is a gift from God and what we sometimes see as "maddening" will be a facet of their personality that can do great things for Him! I can remember telling my oldest, "it's great that you can stand firm, but it's not your parents are you to stand firm against, we are not your enemy", you just gotta love em! Being a MOM is the BEST ever, and ALL we do as a mother teaches...thanks for reminding all of us of that. You inspire me!