Thursday, September 24, 2009

How Is Your Marriage

Barry and I moved to Arkansas several years ago to be part of FamilyLife. It is such an honor to work for a place that really makes a difference in marriages. As Barry and I like to say, "Great marriages don't just happen, they take work!"

With todays economy and the stress and speed at which life is moving we NEED to take moments to refresh our marriages. We have learned over the years the more stress there is the more focused we better be on one another. The smallest thing can create conflict.

There are far too many marriages that are falling apart when they don't need too. They can be restored! There is hope! We have seen it! Below is a video with several of our friends and others with a testimony of where their marriages were and where they are now. Knowing their families I am positive their children are reaping many blessings because of parents that tried just one more time to work on their marriage! Whether your marriage is on the verge of collapse, or things are going well, you will not regret the time away.

A Weekend To Remember...

We are living life and teaching our children what marriages should be.

How is your marriage?

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