Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Looking With My Eyes Open

Oh what a dream! To have a child walk over and gently put his hand on you to say, "mom, you go back to bed I will take care of the kids!"

Another glimpse at perfection! After a crazy several days, the constant forgetting what they are told, the endless hours of complaining, I cherish the peek at times that some things ARE getting through!

I have to be careful to see the moments and Praise them in big ways. Because I can definitely get on my agenda and see the dishes that weren't done, the trash on the floor, or the sight of seeing them eat a second breakfast! I had to bite my tongue and remember what really is important.

I had a 13 year old son notice a need and jumped up to meet it!
I had 7 kids in the house taking care of business while mom slept!
I had 7 kids get along while mom slept!!!! HUGE!
The kitchen might not have been cleaned but school was completed!

HOW can I complain? I can, if I am on my agenda, instead of seeing the good!
Thankful the Lord stopped me from picking apart the undone and noticing what DID get done!

I am challenging myself today to look with my eyes open and see what IS getting done!


  1. AMAZING boy y'all are raising!! He is such a tender leader!!!!! Sensitive enough to recognize the need, and man enough to do something about it.

    Ya know I so relate to wanting to pick apart the undone. I think it's cause I have such ridiculous expectations on myself, that I then expect the unattainable from my children. I'm praying with you, that God will give me HIS eyes and heart.

  2. Wow Star! You can really say things with a punch! I love the comment "sensitive enough to recognize the need, and man enough to do something about it." Thanks for the comment.
    I feel very blessed to be his mom!

    Wish I did a better job at recognizing the things they do well. I wish I was quicker to encourage and slower to criticize. I believe I do the opposite far too much!