Friday, September 11, 2009

Remembering...death and life

I will never forget that day....sending Barry to the airport for a business trip with Josh McDowell, preparing to celebrate Abbey's 3rd birthday, and then watching 9/11 unfold.

First....up early helping Barry get ready for an early morning flight. Finally got him out the door and I decided to sit and watch T.V. for a little bit before everyone else got up. With 5 kids and pregnant with #6 I enjoyed my quiet moments! As I sat there watching and finalizing our plans for Abbey's birthday I was taken back by seeing something fly into one of the know the rest.

Kids are getting up and I am sending them in to get there own food. The rest of it just unfolds at an alarming rate. As it is evident that another plane crashes and another is missing. My heart is dropping as I realize my husband is about to board a plane! I call and tell him if you are not there....DON'T go. He was noticing a lot of commotion too. As we piece it together he just loops the Dallas airport but never stops. (Thankful my husband is safe and yet very aware many other fathers, mothers, and children are not.)

Once he is safe I have to turn my attention towards my children. They were getting up and unaware of what is happening. All they know is their little sister is turning 3 and we are going out with grandma. It didn't take long for them to pick up on the emotion. We had gone to lunch at a restuarant....we were about the only ones there. For sure the only ones laughing and giggling. Slightly hard for my mom and balance enjoy the children and yet needing to understand what was happening to our country!

Here was a moment to teach my kids what to do with fear or the unknown. Abbey was still captivated that everyone on the radio knew it was her birthday. She was the one that caught my eye and taught me that life is still happening. (God uses my kids 90% of the time to teach me something!) How could I deny that when I have a joyful 3 year old, an active infant in my belly, and a Savior who rescues...that all hope is lost!

I am thankful that we may not know what tomorrow brings but that we CAN KNOW that God IS in control. We may not like what was being played out. But we can hold on to the fact that we are going to be presented with new opportunities to see God's amazing grace!

I have to remember that my children were not given to me for my comfort,
they were given to me for His glory!
If He can die for me then I can surely live for Him!
Today we will remember that our life is not about THIS life. (9/11)
We will rejoice in
Abbey! Part I (Chuck E. Cheese with a few of the in tow)
This evening I will be with an older daughter being dazzled! (Dezigned 2 Dazzle...purity)
Warning...tired mom in motion!
Grabbing my moment to blog so I can remember to walk in grace!


  1. Shannon, I love your blog! It always makes me think, and brightens my day. You have an amazing family! Love you & Happy Birthday to Abbey!

  2. That was a day we won't every forget.
    Happy Birthday to your sweet girl! :-)

  3. Thank you for Abbey's birthday wishes! She has loved it when I call her in the room to read more messages! Thanks for helping me make it special to her!