Saturday, September 12, 2009

Chuck E. Cheese Day

Brady is having his very first conversation with Chuck E Cheese!
Bryce and Brock hit the floor running! We were the only ones there for about 30 minutes. If you gotta do Chuck E the only ones there!
We had a fabulous time!

Abbey was all over the place...
this was her day and she enjoyed it with her siblings!
It doesn't matter what she is fun!
Happy Birthday, ABBEY!

I showed Brady one time and after that he absolutely did NOT want my help!
He was there to conquer!
A true BOY!

An ending to a great day...gotta put the tattoos on!
Mom even got one! Yes my ankle is stylin' with spiderman!


  1. That picture of Brady talking to Chuck E is hilarious! Looked like a fun time! (How is Abbey that big? I remember her being Brady's age!)

  2. I think that Brady talking to Chuck E is so cute!! Looks like y'all had fun. Happy Birthday Abbey!