Sunday, September 6, 2009

Kids, Teens, College Students, and Babies....

Brady isn't sure why everyone is looking at him....although it doesn't seem to phase him from downing the drink!

Here are a few of the gang standing around watching Brady enjoy a drink from his big sis!

You know what is fun?
Seeing kids of all ages enjoy one another!
I love our life.
I love that we have a variety of people all ages in and out, in and out, in and out of our home!
Here is one night where I finally thought to grab a camera!
(my mom is much better at this than I).
We had just had our fantasty football draft, the older kids wanted a break and ran to Starbucks before a late night game of 'clue'. Brady was being his chatty cute self and so the thought to feed him a drink began.
Who knew the big activity of the night would be watching a one year old drink with a straw!
The laughter and the joy as they watched him experience something for the first time. PRICELESS
The simple things in life are sometimes the most enjoyable. I wonder if Brady knows how much we adore him. Makes me think how much our Heavenly Father Enjoys us!
His door and arms are always open....I pray we remember and always do the same!
I look forward to many, many more years and memories of having a variety of kids and adults in and out of our home!


  1. I was just thinking Hannah and Jared should meet and get married! Their babies would have beautiful, incredibly out of control, curly hair!! I love Jared's hair, although he hates it! I think they have he same exact hair!!

  2. They have a lot in common....curly hair, love photograhpy, like travel, and she loveds mission trips. It took her many years before she learned to embrace that curl!