Monday, September 7, 2009


Really we have to go through closets again! Its pretty much a love/hate relationship.
I hate doing it, but love it when its complete.
It takes me about 6 weekends to complete everyones stuff. Ridiculous!

If the kids would keep their stuff organized it wouldn't take too long. But OH the discovery of things! I have to take many, many deep breaths to keep from being exasperated at what we DISCOVER! Another method is taking breaks like this for a moment of regaining my thoughts! Gotta relieve that built up tension and anger at some point!

Then I have the issue of that horrible disease where you discover one thing-it leads you to another-which leads you to another-only to be lead to another -then just give up symptoms! I need my SISTER! She is amazing at these things. She is the energizer bunny on steroids! She doesn't let me quit until the last paper clip is put up in its home. What takes me 6 weeks to do she can accomplish in 2 days! The woman is amazing!

Here are a few things I have learned to simplify my life...

* Never keep the kids clothes past 18 months.
IF it can't be used by it goes!

* Only keep one tote per child.
IF lid doesn't close...they gotta go back through the tote!

* If they don't like it...its gone...
...cuz it will just live in their floor.

* If its not in great condition...its gone...
...cuz mom doesn't like it.

* Once it is too small it is moved to the next childs tote!
So the next change of clothes I can see immediately see what they do or do not have.

* I try to keep their clothes to a minimum.
They wear the same things all the time anyways...why fight it?

* If my sister is close to coming for a visit...wait and let her do it!
(she loves organizing!)

* I only keep one season at a time in their closets
(the younger kids NEVER keep a great closet and I can't stand the clutter!)
Teens...are on their own...they aren't interested in moms opinion and I see no reason to fight it. My role is to just make sure they get it done!

Time to return to my closet....thinking I need to change a rule for me....if I haven't WORN it in 18 is GONE!


  1. Love it! We did that right before school - has made things SO much easier in the mornings. But it takes me forever, too. Ugh!
    Here's to smooth closet cleaning, Friend! :-)

  2. haha...I know...I had done everyone elses about 3 weeks ago....I just kept putting mine off. Now that is for the husband:D If I wait for him it will never be accomplished!