Tuesday, September 22, 2009

How is Your Home Temperature?

You know, there are just some days where you just gotta sit back and relax! Today would be one of those for me and the kids.

I think part of our role as a mom is that we manage our family well. With that it means we take the temperature of those here and see what needs to be done. It may be to speed them up to accomplish all there is to do or it might be the opposite of slowing them down because of the speed at which we are moving!

There is something to be said about being a mom in your 40's. Or maybe it is just being a mom too so many. All I know, is that I had to learn it. Life doesn't just make things balance out. Nor will it ever give me the down time we may need. God has taught be that I am often who He will use as the source of reading our temperature in our home. Whether it be too hot (insane pace), be too cold (not moving) or normal (moving at a Godly pace). I think of my role as helping to apply the pressure or releasing the pressure in our home. It is a balance that as a mom, wife, keeper of the home, I better be accessing the Savior to do this well.

If I keep the pressure building too long I can frustrate and allow many explosions to take place. (tantrums, tears, exasperation's, possibly outburst of anger...all of which we need to teach our children how to do properly) The reverse is true too. If I let up and allow for laziness then we have become a family NOT in motion. (no direction, self serving, unmotivated group). I am not responsible for their outburst but I do play a role in seeing what the cause is. If it is matter of disciplining, I better get on it. If it is a matter of the heart, I better be pointing them back to God. If it is a matter of too much at once, I better be letting some of the pressure off.

I could tell over the last 2 days we have been on the verge of several meltdowns. Things needed to be done and we had to finish what was laid before us. Now that we have moved past those I see a moment in time (today) where we can move at a much slower speed! The meltdowns that were building were definitely a combination of sin, training, and a hectic schedule. Through the chaos of the last two days we were able to reveal the sin, train the behavior, and NOW, today relieve some of the pressure.

This goes back to my original thought....Mom's, how is the temperature in your home? Have you taken a look to see how they are registering? Once you have determined where they are have you given yourself the freedom to adjust what needs to be done. I am convinced that God has given us a unique gift as women (the nurturer) to find those pressure points and a unique ability in knowing how to release them. Not only as a mom do I need to do this. I think this is vital as a wife. This is a way I can serve my husband in NOT just waiting for him to get home to solve our temperature crisis. I can honor him by helping to put a balance into our schedule so he doesn't have an out-of-balance family after a long day of serving us! There are days that I am at my end and I need to wait for him. But there are definitely many, many days that I can do this myself.

I find this is a way to respect him and in turn I receive love from him.

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  1. Wonderful post! I am good at this on my own - the Coach usually has to point it out. So it's a good reminder to me to keep things in balance. It's been crazy, here, too - but I've already said some "no's" and canceled some things to hopefully get back to center. I already feel better. :-) Thanks for the encouragement!