Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ready Or Not, Here It Comes

Pretty sure I am not ready for this week. But ready or not, here it comes.

I am so very thankful for where God has us. Every time I go to church I am just blessed and filled. As always Bro. Bill gets straight to the point. He draws me in, points me to Christ, then hands over a nugget of truth as I walk out the door. Today was no different. He opens up in Acts 2 and shares about breaking free from powerlessness.

Do you ever feel powerless?

I know I do!
That should be my first clue that I am quite possibly not seeking HIM!
As Bro. Bill says, "I can live my life either filled with me OR filled with God".

As I am faced with another week of managing, organizing, problem solving, driving, fixing, washing, cleaning, teaching, running, rocking, grading, disciplining, training, I hope I remember that I am NOT powerless!

Will I quench the spirit because of a moment of fatigue?

Will I grieve the spirit because of my rush to stay on 'my agenda?

I have the opportunity to walk in the fullness of Jesus Christ!
I have the opportunity for God to use me to reach others,
specifically my husband and children!
I have the opportunity to show them when life is busy,
I can still live filled with God!
How are you living?


  1. I think I have you set up so I can follow more easily and also post comments .....LOVE YOU!
    ok, I guess I have to be anonymous; however, just so you'll know ....this anon is MOM

  2. Good post - thanks for the encouragement. I need it! :-)