Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Teenagers and God's grace....I am still learning!

I continue to learn about my freedom in Christ. Started a study with 2 wonderful college girls walking with them to see "who" and "what" do they believe. Not because mom and dad said, or because the pastor preached it, or because my friends think so....but what do "I" believe? Until we see that God can speak to us we are stuck in living by "law" of what others think/say. I can make my actions look good (law) but my heart is not there. When my heart is there I live in freedom with God (grace)! Not the kind that gives you permission, but the kind of grace that is forgiving, healing, understanding and gives me strength/power to honor Him.

Having teens is definitely teaching me about God's grace. He is their savior too. When they are young it is easy for me to tell them what they need to do, right response, or help them fix their attitude. As they grow it is hard for me to back out of that role and allow God to prune them instead of me. But I am discovering that is vital to their growth in the Lord. I get fearful that I messed up and didn't train them well. Instead of realizing that God is still with them I do not need to be the constant voice they hear. I should be weaning them off me and onto the voice of God!

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