Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Chaos, the new norm!

awwww...a moment of fresh air!

Taking a breather before a very chaotic evening begins. Windows are open, kids are playing, laughing, enjoying some basketball, some are napping, decided to grab a moment before I interrupt this small window of bliss!

Barry and I had a huge discussion on chaos last night. The man has some great insights. It was on business and yet so much of it applies to parenting. You can tell we are in the middle of parenting 8 kids because everything we hear turns into a parenting insight...LOL Chaos is not chaos for is just a new normal. Which we find when you have children and all their complex personalities, behaviors, attitudes before you know it chaos has arrived. I like Star's quote "beautiful chaos". She is right. We need to learn to embrace the chaos and role with the new norm for the day. Because we all know if you have children it is amazing how one small thing can turn a day. We need to learn how to turn the small thing into a wonderful opportunity to show grace and lead by example as we see how God wants us to handle "this" specific situtation, at "this" specific time, even though it wasn't on "MY" schedule.

I am off and hopefull I shall remember to embrace the chaos that I know is coming. The prayer is that I will allow God to flow through me to these wonderful young soldiers for Christ!

Enjoy "your" chaos!

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  1. This is exactly where we are, too! Learning to go with it, not fight the craziness - just enjoy the moment. Hard for me, I really try to control it all! Ha!
    LOVE the blog - it will be fun to share with you - you are such an encouragement to me!