Tuesday, August 25, 2009

She will love this....

Ever been shopping with a 7 year old boy shopping for a birthday gift for his almost 11 year old sister?

Could I laugh any harder?

The things he pointed out she loved I am quite positive were at the top of HIS list. He was sooooo very convincing with those big eyes and huge grin though. I nearly fell for..."she would love Star Wars wii", "Oh mom, this is great, bow and arrows", "No, this is what she will love...." you get the picture! I am pretty sure I can make his Christmas list off of his suggestions for his sister! Who is all girl...High School Musical, lip gloss, clothes, Hannah Montanna (which I wanted to get but he informed me she had already seen it LOL) What girl at that age doesn't want to watch it again and again to learn all those songs and dance moves.

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