Monday, August 24, 2009

Already exhausted...

I can already tell this will be a great avenue for me. I am already exhausted from the day and it is still prior to noon. Thank goodness teens are making lunch to give me my moment. While I gather my thoughts and remember why I am doing what I am doing. I am totally learning when I feel myself falling, saddened or ready to quit it is time to regain my focus/goal.

Oh yes...I remember now....I am here to teach and train my children. Not just in books but in who they are in Christ and that our ultimate purpose is to glorify God. Man...when I simplify it I see a new perspective! (that Already God is putting humor back into my day as Brock run down stairs to show me how well he can do the chicken dance! Think I am ready for the afternoon now. Amazing what a little perspective and humor can do for your soul!

I am off to be a vessel God will use to nurture other souls in my home...a little reading and naps for young ones. Which will give the teens a quite home for school....

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