Monday, August 31, 2009

The real story behind how homeschooling is going....

Well, for all of you that are wondering
how this homeschooling is going....we started school August 17.
So far no 2 days have looked alike!
We try...
we aim at the goal...
some things get done...
the rest is there for another day!

Slowly, but surely, I think I see some progress in the Kindergartner:D He is still as happy and excited as he was Day 1. Left his dad a note today with his A,B,C's. He is making about a dozen pictures for Barry and I with some various letters of the alphabet. He was quite excited to learn how to spell his last name. Of course, he calls it his second name and was curious when he would get to learn his 3rd name (middle). I would call his school a success! Kinda hard to go wrong with a K as long as you are cheering for them and giving them high 5's they are rather content!

The 2nd grader is losing some enthusiam. Although, I still get glimpses of excitement from time to time. Out of 9 days of school in 3 weeks (remember, I only teach this grade 3 times a week). I think we have accomplished 5 full days of work...LOL I always know the first several weeks it is ironing out all the kinks in the schedule. I am not freaking out yet. Praise the Lord for some history to know things will settle a little more....before I need to freak.

I have a grade schooler and her work is going smoothly. She still loves to work and finish tasks that are asked. AND she likes to enforce it for everyone else which creates friction that MOM is NOT interested in. How do I ask her NOT to help! Slowly helping her see she needs to only be responsible for herself and let God and me work on the rest.

The 6th grader is very unsure why any of this is neccessary. Although, I am quite proud of the fact that his computer crashed with all his work the past 3 weeks and he has taken the news well that I will ask him to repeat some various lessons. Yes, the wife of a computer man did NOT back up her sons work. A lesson learned as I humbly asked him to repeat the lessons and explained how this will only further help him grow in wisdom. (I sold him on it...woohoo)

Here is a convo from one of my children who is slightly frustrated that his mom is not available to help him. (Which of course is his perception!)
son says,
"I can't get my work done because I need help and you won't help me".
mom's response,
"when did you ask for help?"
His reply
"I am asking now"
"pretty sure your help will come after dinner and bedtime for younger ones"
"but I am tired then"
"so am I but I am still willing to help"
"you need to tell me when you are stuck"
"why don't you just ask me everyday and I will tell you if I need help"
mom's (thought...are you kidding me)
"It is your responsibility to ask for help! I have enough things to do"
Conversation over:DDDD

I have one more week before we add another into the mix!
(I add a couple of kids each day...we build up to full schedule, students and event)
From the moment the first person is up, the house is full of constant motion, chaos, and conversation. Of course if mom sits then for some apparent reason they all think it is their break time. Can't believe they have not learned that in all our years of homeschooling...just because mom sits, gets on the phone, or tries to take a is NOT over! I am trying to remember that I am in the middle of training them (which means on going) not in the job of they have been trained (it is finished).

So, what is real life homeschooling? One day at a time!
We will eventually get into a routine that will semi-flow. Just like having a newborn you have to figure out one another. Same result homeschooling...each year is a grace period of figuring it out! I will let you know when things start to run smooth. But don't be surprised if you are still awaiting for that post at the end of the year :D

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  1. Don't know how you do it! We are barely getting by with six IN school! HA! Thanks for sharing - and keepin' it real!