Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Birthday DAD

Pictured above is our 2008 Family Picture.
Mom and dad had 2 daughters.
Those 2 daughters married wonderful men and the family has grown.
G'ma and G'daddy have 18 grandchildren.
2 little ones are in heaven and the other 16 are here full of hugs and laughter!
If you know my dad, then you know why I cherish him!

He is one of the most gentle, caring men I know. The Lord knew this shy, quiet, blonde hair insecure little girl needed a daddy that would guide her with love and gentle hands.

I cherish all the memories I have had over the years. I am thankful my children get to know their grandfather who helped secure a wonderful heritage for them by leading his family in the ways of the Lord! He continues to lead his family in what it means to be a man, dad,
and brother in Christ.

The last few years have been a struggle as his body ages that seems to be what life gives you eventually. But he ages with the grace of a man that walks with God. What a testimony to see no matter what....he stays on the consistant path that leads straight to Christ.
He is my hero!
He is my cheerleader!
He has one of the most amazing smiles God has created!
And he is a man whose heart beats with God!
He is My Dad

Happy Birthday Daddy!
I love you!

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