Sunday, August 30, 2009

Listening to the heartbeat....

Today we were amazingly blessed at The Summit Church. I am in awe how God can move so quickly and fill our souls. What a treasure for Barry and I to know that our children are experiencing God in ways that many never get to see. We were blessed when we were young to watch God enter in our worship in OKC. Now to have the blessing that our children get the same life changing experience in AR...PTL

Today I was so moved by such a simple concept....
"Live and give from the head"....can be difficult, frustrating, and hardly ever seems right.

"Live and give from the heart" receive All grace, All sufficiency, while He multiplies the seeds, and increases His righteousness!

We should be giving with the intention not to get but to GIVE....
hmmm, that applies to far more than just my finances!
What about me as a mom or a wife.....
If I give from my head I am angry because things have not been done the way I have asked, I am frustrated that I have to go over again what needs to be accomplished, and I NEVER feel ahead. I really only have my way in sight. My rights have been violated. (do I have rights?)
If I give from the is my pleasure to serve, forgive, and enjoy that I get another moment to train/serve. My rights have been yielded (I don't have rights anyways) and I am now functioning with the heart beat of God.

Where is your heart when it comes to husbands, children, and finances? I know mine is not always right, but I am thankful that I have a God that shows up and reveals when I need to let go, lay my head on Him, and hear His heart beat.

Thankful for a moment to gain a heart perspective before I finish planning this weeks work x 6, 21 meals x 10, finish mounds of laundry that weren't completed due to fantasy football, and seek to train through all the fits and frustration that having 10 sinners living under one roof can create!


  1. I love this! You are correct - I have no rights! Why do I get upset then? Our pastor quoted something to the effect that marriage is God's way of making us holier, not happier - meaning we have so many opportunities to die to self and see Him transform us into His image. True for parenting also, I think. I want to be thankful that I have these people in my family to serve and love!

  2. Thanks for this! I was so frustrated with the house over the weekend - it gets messy/dirty SO quickly, jobs aren't done correctly, etc. Which I'm learning to live with - until we have company! Ha!
    Need to remember to give up my rights.
    And to love unconditionally, at the Lord loves me. Whew!
    Have a blessed week!

  3. Wasn't that such an AMAZING service! I can't stop thinking about all I learned!

  4. It was an unbelievable service. I found myself just crying at the end...praising the Lord. The message was powerful and you could just 'feel' Gods presence!