Saturday, August 29, 2009

Familybits Fantasy Football has begun....

Well, it feels like fall is about to arrive. Held our 7th annual Familybits Fantasy Football Draft!
Years ago when I was holding Tupperware parties Barry turned the evening into a family fun night with the girls. Monday nights were meeting nights and guess what else happens on Monday nights? Yep, this father of 3 at the time learned if he wanted to watch ANY football he had to engage the kids...especially the girls.

The rule was... you had to wear p.j.'s, preferrably a football shirt (he loved loaning his out to his girls), grab your pillow, blanket, and we would have all your favorite football snacks prior to game could dance like crazy during the opening song (girls love this), Dad would blast the opening as loud as everyone could stand it. THEN you must lay down, no talking, no complaining and most important NOT get off the blanket. (your feet touch the floor and you were whisked off to bed!) Typically, half time was bedtime:D The kids LOVED this! It quickly became an annual event in our home every Monday night!

I no longer do Tupperware parties, the kids have multiplied and aged, the party is louder and the excitement has grown! No longer the blankets on the floor. When Barry was in his own fantasy leagues the kids were so intrigued to root for his players. We realized we can have a family league. So 7 years ago the tradition began....Young ones buddy up with mom and dad sometimes we have a spot or two open for friends, uncles, or grandparents. The drafts have become a crazy and an exhausting time as we have ALL become quite competitive. The girls used to pick teams by their favorite colors or names. (horribly frustrating when they would win on occassion) NOW we print spreadsheets, everyone has a laptop, and we have some massive discussions on who to pick. I can see in the years to come this will still be an event to engage the family no matter where we all will be. For the girls, I am thinking their husbands are gonna love this! The boys will enjoy it because I am sure any girl arriving into this family will be trained in Familybits Fantasy Football.

Who knew 15 years ago out of a dads frustration of missing Monday night football that a fantastic family tradition would begin! Out of the chaos he turned something into a new norm for us. I love this creative man! What better gift to give to his wife than instead of a man staring aimlessly at the T.V. he has engaged the entire family into his domain! Let the games begin as we introduce Brady into the Monday night tradition he will grow to love like the rest of us!

The next time you have chaos what wonderful tradition might come out of your new norm?

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