Friday, February 1, 2019

In, Out, Another One Returns

What a crazy week! I won't even mention the drive home tonight when I realize I may or may not have left my purse at a the restaurant 2 hours away!  UGH!  (And we are still 3 hours away from home!)  I learned from my kids how to create exciting chaos. YES!  I am totally blaming the kids!  Good thing we have never know who I am pretending to blame.  (Just pick ONE) haha

I told you things can change in 5 minutes. We went from anticipating a visit from Abbey! To scratch that...she's moving home early!  Quick!  Dust, clean, rearrange, and wash! 

I’m truly proud of her ability to process stressful situations fairly calmly.   Busy week at Link, kids hustling around getting ready for their various trips, and then her car dies!  Several calls home to her dad to process what is happening. Limited time, limited budget and life choices get really real in these moments!

Sometimes we don't get to decide the way things will play out because we would surely rewrite the process.  But sometimes we find God in the details.  Or we understand...HE WILL BE THERE.  Not sure what will fully come from this situation but I can say she has walked this with great maturity.  Think you are staying in MO til end of April to in 24 are coming home for good!  I believe in this situation her life is saying, not how I would have planned it, not the way I would like it to have gone, but I will trust HE leads through finances, leadership, and counsel. 

Maybe being the middle kid isn't so bad.  Maybe she has had opportunity to listen, watch, and learn as she has seen siblings and others walk through chaos.  Maybe this is because she walks 'one with the Lord.'  She trusts Him.  She believes Him when He says "all things work together for your good, those who Love Him and been called to His purpose." Rom 8:28  Do I?

What I do know...her life matches what she believes.  She loves big, works to serve, and longs to please her Savior.  I don't know what's next baby girl but I pray you see the Lord bless the next few months in ways you never saw coming.  I know a 10 year old brother is quite excited to see your return.  I know a big sister, who misses her husband deeply while he is deployed, is thrilled to have her little sister back.  I know a nephew, who will be over joyed to be rocked one more time...or is it the aunt who is crazy excited?  I know a brother who is waiting and ready to pester you.  I know another brother ready to argue who has better music choices or who discovered who first.  I know a mom and dad who are ready to have you home just a little longer. 

Thank the Lord we rented a larger home.  Somehow we knew this would be a season of "In, Out, and Revolving doors!"

Let's guess who is NEXT! 

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